Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday 3/16/2016

I have decided to share another page to the Wordless Wednesday files. It will feature more than one subject.

This photo is of last night's sun setting. I was able to see it for a brief few minutes before the sunset was covered up by clouds.

Spring is in the air. Many bloggers are sharing photographs of flowers. Flowers have not sprung in my area yet. Bushes like these are thriving.

Last night's dinner was French green beans, rosemary scallops potatoes, biscuits and homemade gravy, served with fried Parmesan chicken.

My grandson loves being outside when he visits grandma. He will two in June.

Rascal, the long chihuahua loves to find tree limbs to chew on. He is loving the warmer weather.

Moose the Chug (chihuahua / pug mix) is hiding under the table from my daughter. Moose say," Mom we're playing hide n seek. Don't tell her where I am at."
No fear this momma didn't give away his hiding spot.

That is it for this week's Wordless Wednesday.

You ask what is Wordless Wednesday. It is a post that has little to no words with many photographs. It gets shared on Wednesday.

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