Friday, February 5, 2016

It is Important To Know What Drives Your Dogs

Rascal is always grabbing the balls when I throw them. Sometimes he will play fetch. Other time he runs off with them. Then proceeds to sit and guard by them from my other dog, Moose. As you can tell by the photograph, Rascal is hard on his toys. I have to keep a nice supply. Otherwise they all end up like the ball in the photograph.

One ball I noticed that seems to last a little longer than most, is the brand name KONG. Which you can buy in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

Moose knows how to tree squirrels. He will bark until he gets a treat. To let me know he has another squirrel in a tree. The Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Holiday Squeaking dog toy helps me to be able to play with my dog without every squirrel in the neighborhood hiding in our trees. This helps him get his natural drive out in play without driving my neighbors and the city squirrels in a frenzy from all the barking.

It really helps to know your dog's breed. Even if they are mixed breeds like my dogs. As the breed information can tell you what drives your dog to do the things he or she does. Knowing this information leads to a happy dog.

Both of my dogs are Chihuahua mixes. Which are known to burrow themselves under blankets, pillows etc. taking their toys with them. This explains a lot about the behavior Rascal displays with his toys and balls.

Many small breed dogs were bred to help hunt or chase other animals. Such as : rats, birds, squirrels and more. Back in earlier times when cities had a rodent problem. Small dogs were trained to keep the rodents out of the kitchen. Which would explain my dogs drive to chase small animals. Such as squirrels.

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