Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WW : Showing Rascal How To Hunt Squirrel

Sniff right here lil bro. That squirrel is here.

Where? I don't smell nothing.

Did you say over here?

I'm going to show you where that squirrel is at.

Rascal, look up! Do you see what I see?

I don't see anything. I think he just wants a treat.

Look up there is the squirrel. Can I have it?

I didn't see any squirrel.

Can I have my treat now?

Please mommy! I showed you the squirrel in the tree.

Can I get one too? Please! Please I want a treat too!

These photo tell a short story for "Wordless Wednesday". With a squirrel making a nest in the tree in the backyard. I never fail to get photos of my dogs  trying to get at it. Moose, the Chug, is eagerly teaching Rascal, the Chihuahua mix how to hunt squirrel.

 Note : Neither is quick enough to catch the squirrel. No squirrels were harmed in making this blog post!

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