Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WW : Storage Auction Finds

I have not written a Wordless Wednesday post in a long time. I do miss creating them. As I love to use as many photos as I can in my articles. 

You ask what is "Wordless Wednesday"? It is a blog post a blogger creates using as many photos as they can with as little to no words. So, those websites that require so many words per post or blog can still join in the fun. Some people choose one photo to talk about. While other like to use many. Whatever way you choose. Make sure you follow the rules of the websites you post on.

I went to a storage auction a week ago today. I paid $40 on a unit I won the bid on. I have got many things from that unit. There was as much trash, as they were items. Many items are collectables. Now I need to start to determine if I am going to keep anything or find some way to sell it.

This glass Chess set will be kept - I gave it to my teenage son. As he plays Chess with my boyfriend.

This is a 1940's Bible - Version King James. not sure if I want to keep it or not. I do plan to read it to see how different it is from my 1970's version.

Found someone to buy this little gem already. Basically it was traded for a 50 dollar blow dryer.

Not sure if we plan to keep or sell these. I believe my boyfriend has his eye on one of the wooden boxes.

I found a couple sets of different playing cards. One was Dungeon and Dragons. Plan on selling these.

I plan on keeping this jewelry box. As I like the looks of it. It is full of different jewelry which I haven't decided if my daughter and I are going to keep or sell yet.

This frog belongs to a collection. I already have the turtle that is in this collection. I plan on keeping this one. in my bathroom. As the frog can be taken apart to place something in. Such as jewelry before heading in the shower or bath.

Selling this - A table with legs that screw on. All the pieces are here. I already have one. I don't need this one.

Have you created your "Wordless Wednesday" post yet? Have you go to storage auctions? if so, what do you look for to buy?

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