Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Was Chosen To Review Chobani Yogurt

I was fortunate to be selected by Buzz Agent to be select for the Chobani yogurt. As I have been wondering after seeing so many nice reviews online about the product.

I am not a big fan of greek yogurt. My son Michael and daughter Kassandra both have been pressing me to try greek yogurt versus regular brands. Stating the health benefits, taste, and overall is a better yogurt. You know how teenagers are when they want mom to buy something.

I drove to my local Kroger's Store in Defiance, Ohio. I had my coupons in hand. I wasn't sure where the Chobani yogurt was located. I stopped to ask a store employee for help. The store employee was eager to help and assist with all my shopping needs. The employee quickly showed me where the Chobani  yogurt was located at. 

Chatting with the store employee a little bit further, the employee was wondering where everyone was getting the coupons at. As they didn't see them in the local paper. I explained I was able to get the coupons through a program and website called Bzz Agent. I explained a little bit about how it all works. Basically, I get a product or coupon for free, where I  must leave feedback on the website and review about the product or coupon. 

I opt to ask if his store has been selling alot of the Chobani yogurt compared to the other brands. The employee assured me the product was flying off the shelves with the coupons. As it was the second time that day the employee had to restock the shelf.

Boy! I can't wait til I get home to try the Chobani greek yogurt. On my way now. Part 2 coming soon.

Have you tried Chobani Greek yogurt yet?

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