Monday, October 12, 2015

Annies Homegrown Organic Tomato Soup Review

The other day my family tried the new "Annie's Homegrown Organic soup", flavored tomato. Of course being tomato soup, I had to make toast n' cheese to go with tomato soup. A family tradition. You can't have tomato soup without toast n' cheese. No matter what brand you eat. The soup came in a box instead of traditional soup in a can. Now, my teenagers did not like the taste of this soup. I think they are too use to another brand you have to combine water or milk with. This "Annie's Homegrown Organic Tomato soup" does not require you to mix with anything. All you do is pour in a pan and heat it up. Quick and easy to pour from a box. My boyfriend and I loved the taste. It is the perfect size to use as a quick lunch date on the go. I plan to keep a couple boxes on hand, just for that. You can check out more about "Annie's Homegrown Organic soups" to learn more about the brand and other flavors that are offered.

I would recommend this brand and flavor to others. I plan on sharing with my mom and other people I know that enjoys tomato soup.

I am part of Influenster which I received free products to test and review. I received several products to try out.

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