Thursday, September 24, 2015

Join A Real paying Website - BlogJob

I am trying to get at least two people to sign up under my referral link to BlogJob. As it is required for me to be allowed to earn more points in one day.

If you are not a member of BlogJob, please use my referral link if you wish to join : 

You can up to 150 points a day. More if you meet the requirements. 50 points for each blog post. Minimum 300 words. Points for doing various others tasks. Such as : commenting, creating groups, returning comments on your blogs, and more. If you have answers questions please ask.

There are several ways to up the 150 daily points. 

Join a Facebook Blogger's group : 

I started a writers / bloggers group on Facebook to share our writing and blog links with each other if you want to join.  Here is the link if you are interested :

It is more than BlogJob. Anyone who writes is welcomed. Such as : blogs, posts, or sharing revenue sites. Writers all of types from the beginner to the experienced are welcomed.

BlogJob Does Pay!

Are you wondering if BlogJob does indeed pay? I can claim BlogJob does pay. As I have been paid. As you can see by the above photo of my proof. BlogJob does pay it's members. So have other members. If you have a blog already and not making anything off of it. You may want to consider switching to using BlogJob. Or try it out for fun. Write about your daily experiences, what you had for dinner, or share your favorite recipe and writing challenges.

What are you waiting for? Come join BlogJob and be apart of a website that pays its members. Where you don't have to wait two or three months for what you earned.

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