Saturday, July 4, 2015

Does Your Dog Have the Small Dog Complex?

I am currently watching a friends dog, as they are out of town. I have watched him in the past. His name is "Willie". He is my Chihuahua mixes older half brother. I have come to realize "Willie" has the small dog complex. Which is also known as the "Napoleon Complex". Have you heard of it? 

The small dog complex is caused from two things. Either lack of training on the owner's part. Or it has been spoiled rotten. Fixing the issue may not be easy. Think of a young child with lack of guidance and allowed to run free. Or one that has been spoiled. After awhile you no longer find them cute but annoying. Same as with a small dog. A small dog complex is annoying. I avoid going to friend's home who has dogs who think they can rule a human.

I was forewarned by Willie's human parents of some of his issues. Such as, he will sniff bigger dogs. When they try to do it to him. He starts growling and gets defensive. He has taken this stance with my Chug "Moose". Now when Moose will walk past Willie's crate or near him. Willie will growl, snarl and try to attack Moose. Willie plays fine with Rascal.

To remedy this. I have a gate where I keep the two separated while in the house. Willie would try to go after Moose through the gate. To remedy this, I rolled up a newspaper. Just rolling it up made Willie settle down. As his owners use the newspaper to smack their hand to give a sound Willie to listen. I also allow both dogs outside at different times.

Willie doesn't listen to stop, sit or other short commands from me. I have started using treats to get him to do the things I want. He is eagerly learning. If he refuses, no treat. I think it helps that he sees both my dogs doing what they are told to get a treat.

Many dogs get the complex because when they are puppies. The owners think bad behavior is cute. They do not correct it like they should. Some owners don't realize the bad behavior is actually bad behavior. Until it is out of control and they do not know what to do.

Such as excessive barking, nipping when the owner leaves, getting possessive over one person, tearing things up, pulling on a leash, bullies other pets, jumping on people, unprovoked signs of aggression, lack of coping or social skills, insist on being carried, doesn't respect boundaries, or wary of children and strangers. All these behaviors can be corrected with the proper training and patience.

Remember you are the boss of your dog. You're the master. It is not the other way around. Dogs are programmed to follow the pack leader. If you do not exhibit being a pack leader. You're dog will become pack leader and try to control you. Once the dog knows you are alpha. You will have a happier dog. If you have trained a dog, you will understand what I mean. A dog is eager to please its master. Once you do this, you will have a friend for life.

There are many resources online to learn how to train or correct bad pet behaviors. You can go to a website, or download an e-book. Another way is to hire a dog trainer to teach your pet commands.


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  1. My dog hasn't been around other dogs enough. He's afraid of my sister's dog even though he's nice. I house sat for a week, and my dog stayed in back of her couch most of the time. He just wanted to be left alone. He never did like other dogs, even as a puppy. He's a cat person. ;)

    1. My dogs love being around female dogs. They seem to like being around male dogs. As long as the male dog does not try to be dominate in our home.

  2. My dog really doesn't do too much. She is an easy going dog. If she sees another dog she wags her tail.

    1. Thats great. That means she is sociable around other dogs.


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