Friday, July 31, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge V : Vindictive, Vengeful

This week's letter for the ABC Emotions Challenge is the letter "V". The letter V is the twenty-second letter of the English language.

Vindictive : Having or showing a strong desire for revenge
Vengeful : Seeking to harm someone in return for whom they think injures them

I know a group of people that is hell bent on being vindictive and vengeful. Some I fear say, are related. One in particular thinks she strikes fear in people. Her famous saying in an argument,"Who do you think you are talking to? Do you know who I am?" She does not strike fear in to me. She never has and she knows it. She treads lightly with her words to me. To the point, she will lie to me, tell me things she thinks I want to hear. 

She was brave enough to mention one day in a conversation,"If we got in a fight I am not sure who would win." I looked at her without blinking an eye and responded,"I would. If I think I might be losing. I will fight dirty by picking something up to use as a weapon. If I lose, I will get someone bigger and meaner to finish the fight." She knows I have never lied to her. Her eyes got wide. Her mouth dropped to the floor without uttering another word. She has never mention fighting with me again. Nor got in an arguement with me. Instead from a far, she has tried to use her lies to cause trouble with my family. 

Now I am not saying I am a good fighter, or would even win a fight. As I am far from it. I am getting older. I suffer from R.A. which affects my joints. Sometimes causes them to pop out of place. Have you ever bent over and have a rib pop out? Let me tell you that is very painful. However, I will not bow to someone who threatens me. Even in a non direct way feeling me out to how I would respond. Nor will I allow the person threatening me see my emotions. My face will go blank when I respond.

This person I mention, I have seen when she has acted vindictive and vengeful. She was upset when another person out bid her husband on a job he was doing. Basically took it out from under him. It was his fault for running his mouth saying how he was going to make $10,000 on the job. While he was paying people under him little to nothing. Week after week claiming he wasn't paid yet but expected them to continue to work construction for him. The people were able to take the job away from him.

This didn't sit well with his wife. She went to the construction site to grab some of her husband's tools. When she was there, she got in an argument with another lady. She went on to mention how the lady was taking food from her kids mouth blah. blah, blah. I am sure you have heard a similar story before. However, it got interesting when she showed her true vengefulness. She started accusing the woman of sleeping with her ex-husband. As the woman she was accusing of this husband was right there. She knew her words was not going to win. So, she was baiting the woman to hit her. Coming up with anything she could think of to get that woman to hit her. As she planned to call the cops if she did. At the same trying to stir trouble between the woman and her husband. Eventually, she walked away with accomplishing nothing but working herself up in a frenzy and left.

Challenge : Have you experienced someone being vindictive or vengeful towards you? 

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