Monday, July 27, 2015

4 Meatless Monday Meals & Recipe

As many of my readers know, I am not adding as many meat dishes to my meals. As I once used to. In the above photo I added yellow squash and broccoli.

Ingredients :
yellow squash (sliced)
broccoli (chopped)
Sea salt
Black pepper

Directions :
Place all in a pan on medium, to medium low. Place cover over pan. While periodically checking and stirring to make sure the food does not stick to bottom of pan. Done when food is thoroughly cooked through.

Salads are delicious meatless meals to eat on Mondays. You can add anything but meat. Some ingredients you can add to make a salad : lettuce,kale, spinach, onions, shredded cheese, boiled eggs, cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, tomatoes etc.

Cream of potato soup is a hearty meatless Monday meal. This dish would taste yummy with any kind of veggies added. Skip the ham please and chicken stock, please! I want it meatless. The key to making potato soup meatless is by making it with a vegetable stock, not chicken stock.

Pizza is another food that can be made meatless for meatless Mondays. Whenever I order pizza, I always order a veggie pizza. You can add any veggie, cheese or fruit to get a scrumptious tasting pizza. The possibilities are endless.

Last night my boyfriend and I enjoyed a pizza with two toppings that paired well together. Green olives and pineapple. I love to order a spinach, mushroom and onion pizza. Or a onion, mushroom pizza.

What kind of "meatless" meals do you create on Monday's?

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