Saturday, June 13, 2015

White-Marked Tussock Caterpillar

Early today I went to a local UAW Park where my niece was having her graduation party. While waiting for the party to be set up, as they were running behind. I sat at one of the many picnic tables. I noticed a "White-Marked Tussock caterpillar". My mom said to stay away from those kind, as they will sting you. Others were saying to kill it.

The caterpillar was as curious about me, as I was of it. I asked it if I could get a picture of it. It turned around and looked straight at me. Look at it pose. After I took the picture. My boyfriend picked the "White-Marked Tussock caterpillar" with a piece of paper. He placed the caterpillar away from the group of people. No harm will come to the caterpillar from people today.

After I got home. I quickly did a some research about the caterpillar. These caterpillars turn into the White-Marked Tussock Moth. It is in the same family as the gypsy moths. The hair on the back of the caterpillar is called urticating hairs. Also known as stinging hairs. It looks like a stinger but is not. The hair itself can cause a skin rash or irritation to those are highly sensitive to the hairs. I would not recommend picking one up and finding out.

The caterpillars feed on many different trees. Such as : walnut, elm, oak, maple, apple, pear, plum, basswood, sycamore, willow, rose, poplars, and redbuds.

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