Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Western Cowgirl Theme

My daughter will be turning 15 yrs old in two months. She wants a western cowgirl party theme. I have been looking for ideas on pinterest. I started a board on Pinterest to add any pins I come across that goes with the theme. You are more than welcome to join the board and add ideas to it. As I am looking for DIY party favors, recipes, games, websites to check out etc. with a cowgirl theme.

Last party I had for her. I had a Beach theme where I created alot of beach theme foods and served them in plastic buckets. I want to do the same with a western cowgirl theme for my daughter.

I thought I should serve chili as one of the main courses. As I tend to use black and red beans to make it. I either use deer meat, hamburger meat or ground turkey. Do you think it would be a good thing to serve for a western cowgirl theme? Or possibly my Red Dressing Chicken on the grill? Served with Peach Cobbler?

It took me a week to organize the last party I thrown. As I start doing party favors and decorations with the theme to have them out of them way. I start cooking the day before and preparing if necessary. I also plan on having the party out at the Independance damn. As my place is to small to host for a bunch of people.

I would love for you to share any ideas you may have. Whether it be games, DIY projects, recipes, party favors or something else I am missing for a western cowgirls party theme. It would be much appreciated.

What is something you would suggest for a western cowgirls party theme for a soon to be 15 yr old? (All suggestions welcomed).

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