Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ten Things In My Yard

I love looking at people's yards when I go out for a drive. It gives me ideas of how I would like mine to look like. I know I am no where near as good as a landscaper as many of the yards I pass by. However I do like to decorate my yard with frogs and other ornaments.

Here are ten things in my yard :

1. My strawberry plant. I bought it from menard's for $9.99. I have got a few very sweet strawberries off it. Not enough to compensate for the cost.

2. This plant is growing extremely well. It is about ready to drop some of it's pieces. I have moved it to an area, where they can quickly take root.

3. I received this frog statue after someone decided to re-do their lawn and no longer wanted it. It weighs over 50 lbs. What color do you think I should repaint it?

4. I bought this frog at a GoodWill last fall. I can place a flag or something in it's right hand. (My right, its left. Lol)

5. I received this frog from a  sister when she moved. She no longer wanted it because the paint was coming off.

6. I picked this frog up from someone no longer wanting it because it no longer looks good. Their trash, my treasure.

7. A red dragon that was given to my boyfriend. It is heavy. It has notches in it because the yard worker doing the yard at the last place we lived at catch it with a weed wacker. He didn't even apologize.

8. This frog will make a sound like a frog when anyone comes near it. It sits right outside my front door. Where I can hear it sitting anywhere in my bedroom or living room.

9. This cross is the only solar light that still works in my front yard. A dog wagging its tail broke it. However, I was still able to have it displayed in my yard. Not as high as it once was.

10. I actually have two of these. The other one is blue. The butterflies use to stand up against a metal rod that held them in place. Til a strong wind tore them off and threw them in the yard. Now I have them laid down in my flower bed. As a way to deter people from walking across my flower bed. unless they use my stepping stones.

I have a lot more things in my yard. More frogs. As I love frogs. Many need to be repainted. I am not sure how to get the old paint off. Or if I should start repainting. I am thinking of doing bright colors to make them stand out.

Anyone know of a good type of DIY paint I can use without worrying it will peel? So, I don't have to re-paint every year?

Challenge : Write about 10 things in your yard.

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