Thursday, June 25, 2015

I will confess my ABC's

I came across a game I saw my friends on Facebook were playing. You confess to the questions listed from A - Z. I thought it would be fun to play the game. Here is my ABC confessions 

A: age: 43 years old
B: biggest fear so: Losing custody of my kids

C: current Time: 7:30 PM
D: drink you last had : Diet tea with no sugar
E: Easiest person to talk to: Krammitt
F: favorite song: What ya give by Tesla
G: Grossest Memory: Watching an animal give birth
H: hometown: Defiance
I: in love with: Krammitt
J: jealous of: Someone who can ride a bike
K: killed someone? Nope, not yet
L: longest Relationship: My estranged husband
M: middle name: Kay
N: number of siblings: 7
O: one wish: To go to the store and have enough money to not have to worry about the price of anything
P: Person you last called: My boyfriend
Q: question you are always asked: When are we going to eat?
R: reason to smile: My kids, my boyfriend, my dogs
S: song you last sang: I want some more of it by Tim McGraw
T: time you woke up: After 11 am.
U: ultimate friend: Amber
V: Vacation destination: Italy
W: worst habit: Non being consistent
X: X-ray you have had: On my left shoulder
Y: your favorite food: Fried chicken with homemade gravy and potatoes 
Z: Zodiac sign: Cancer

Challenge : Confess your ABC's 

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