Friday, May 8, 2015

Window To Our Souls

This is a poem I wrote awhile back. I write poems alot. As I feel they are a different way for me to express myself. I know I haven't shared many on here. I may just start sharing some more. I don't have a rhythm when I write. I just log down my thoughts and feelings. I hope you like it and can understand the meaning behind my poem.

Window to our souls
As we stare eye to eye
We wonder about each other thoughts
I have a secret
I know the eyes
Are the window to our souls
Your mouth can say what you will
When I ask you questions
When your soul is bared
Your eyes can not tell a lie
So you can run away and hide
Or wear dark glasses
I'm on to you
There is no reason to hide
No reason to lie
Just let me see your eyes
I'll know if your soul has been bared
No words need to be said
For the truth to be spoken.
©Sandy Segur aka rusty2rusty

For those who do not Sandy Segur is my real name. rusty2rusty is my online screen name.

Challenge : Write any style of poem

Photo from I tried taking a photograph of my eyes for this article. I was getting too much glare on my glasses. The photos wasn't turning out. I guess I need to learn more on how to work with glare in photos.

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