Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drummets With Greenbean Cassarole

One thing my family enjoys is season chicken drummets. They usually come in a package in the grocery containing 8 - 12 depending on the weight. I always let the drummets thaw out. 
I am out of my usually Everglades seasoning I like to season the meats with. So, I get a ziplock baggie and mix together a combination of garlic salt, sea salt, paprika, pepper, and Italian seasoning. I shake the baggie to make sure everything gets mixed up properly. 

I add the chicken drummets, seal the bag and shake. I shake til each chicken drummet is coated with seasoning. 

I process to lay them on a cookie sheet or in a glass dish. I keep them separate. As I don't want them to touch. I place them in the pre-heated oven on 425 degrees. For 30 - 40 minutes.

I get a bowl. I open two cans of french style green beans. I drain and add them to the bowl. I open a can of cream of mushroom soup. (If you like your greenbean casserole add two cans.) I fill the empty cream of mushroom can will milk and add it to the bowl. I add a tablespoon of soy sauce. I also add a teaspoon of seasalt. I also add in one small can of crushed up french fried onions. Mix altogether.

I pour what is in the bowl in a glass dish. I place in oven beside the chicken drummets. Til I notice it bubbling. I open oven, pull out dish and add another small can of french fried onions on top of the green bean casserole. Place back into oven till the french fried onions are lightly browned.

I tend to serve this dish with a side of canned fruit and rolls. It serves five.

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