Friday, January 20, 2017

Amazon Accepting Food Stamps

Recently I learned will be participating along with a few online grocery store to start accepting food stamps. My first thought was wow! What a big step!

This is on the basis to get food stamp users to eat healthier. As many families who use food stamps living in rural communities do not have access to many healthy foods. after thinking about it, I realized it is totally true. People in rural areas do not have access to healthy foods like those who live in the bigger cities. I experienced this first hand and learned a hard lesson.

I vacationed in a rural area for two weeks. I had a hard time trying to find foods that I could consume without my GERD and Diabetes type 2 being affected. The area only had one grocery store. Most of their produce didn't look too healthy or I had no clue what it was. Besides the outrageous prices for produce. I stood there scratching my head and wondering why any store would deliberately sell lettuce that was turning brown. Or other produce. I walked out of the store without buying anything. 

I did try a restaurant friends were raving about. Till a huge cockroach crawled up my leg and I literally freaked out almost knocking the table over trying to get it off me. No surprise I didn't try dining there again.

Next stop to try was the few fast food joints the town offered. That was a bigger joke as we all know fast food joints are not healthy. By the time we got to order the fast food joints were closed. I am used to the hours the fast food joints stay open in my town. I didn't think they closed earlier somewhere else. The only place left to get some food was the local gas station. All the hot food was fried and spicy.

Boy was I glad to get back home to get some real food. I think the first thing I ate was a healthy salad. 

My experience taught me a couple of things

1. Never travel without a cooler backed up with healthy options for me to eat. 

2. Never assume an unfamiliar area offers the same food you are used to eating. 

3. Learn where the nearest hospitals are before going. I live ten minutes away from a  hospital. In the rural area, I was vacationing the closest hospital was over two hours away. There was no guarantee if I started having complications from my diabetes I could make it to a hospital in time.

Learning would be one of the several online grocery stores to start accepting food stamps on a trial basis made me happy. As I have ordered healthy options through I know a customer can get what they order in as little as two days if they have Amazon Prime. While Amazon Prime can't be paid with food stamps. Amazon does offer a monthly rate to make it more convenient for those who can't afford to pay for a full year in advance.

With 43 million people low-income people where many live in rural areas, there is a need for this. In case you are wondering, each state will be monitored to see what people buy with their food stamps. If they buy nothing but junk food. The program will fail. If the people start purchasing healthier options like the program is for, the program will expand to other states.

Do you think low-income people should be allowed to use their food stamps to order on online grocery stores? 

I know not everyone will agree with my two cents. If you disagree, I would love to know why. I am an open minded person who will take all views into account of the pros and cons. 

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  1. Amazon will accept food stamps? Now that's progress!

    1. Yes, only in a few state for a trail run to see if the program will work like it is intended.

  2. I have no problem with people using food stamps to purchase healthy choices online, my problem is when they abuse them by selling to others so they can purchase non staple foods.

  3. Sounds like a worthy trial - everyone should have access to healthy foods.

    1. I agree, sometimes it just hard depending on where you live.

  4. Amazon sells food, therefore Amazon should be authorized to accept food stamps if willing to do so...I'm more concerned about the nannyism of trying to prescribe what is and isn't "healthy food."

    I think it's more realistic to think in terms of healthy balance rather than healthy food. Canned and dried foods aren't total junk but they're *probably* less healthy choices than fresh local produce (which may not be available to travellers in motels--if some of these small towns even have motels). Then you run into complications: for celiacs, Fritos or even candy bars are "healthier" road food than a sandwich.

    1. I understanding all to well with my diet finding things I can eat without making me sick. Some days I seem to have no choice, I eat what is available in front of me.


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