Friday, May 29, 2015

A - Z Emotions Challenge M - Mortified

I choose to use the word mortified in today's ABC Challenge for the letter "M". I was going to write about something entirely different. As I started typing away. My big shelf that housed my teacup / plates, shot glasses, small old bottles etc. came crashing down.  No one was around the shelf. My daughter was outside. My teen son was in his room. I was at my computer desk. I sit here mortified at what happened.

I have no clue what happened. The shelf has been in the same place for over 3 years. Nothing has been added recently. I don't understand why it fell. I was planning on washing and boxing everything up. As I planned to paint the walls in the kitchen. I had the boxes and newspapers out there. I really haven't been motivated to do so. I should have done it already. I guess that is what I get for postponing. lesson learned. Do not put off tomorrow, what can be done today.

I lost a really big collection of breakables. I do not have pictures to share of what I have collected over the years. Some of my older glass things are now gone forever. I was planning on taking pictures to show what I had. Now I can't do that. Of all the shot glasses I collected while on vacation last summer in Texas, only one survived.

Sorry for the shaky and blurred picture. I was shaking when I took the photo. I am still jumpy from the shelf crashing.

Challenge : Write about how you felt when something you collected got lost, broke, or stolen?

This series was started by Ruth Cox, a good friend and great writer. To learn more about it. Please click on the photo below.

* This article is a 26 week part series of A - Z Emotions Challenged.

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