Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love to write. Whether it is writing on a website, my blog, Facebook, or jotting something down in a notebook. I can look out the window and see all sorts of things to write about. When I get ideas I write them down. When I am riding in a vehicle, I look out and think of things to write about.

I get my inspiration from viewing the world. I love to take photos and write about what I took pictures of. I really can write about anything right of rip.

I use to be a member of a forum where we were challenged to write poems and short stories. There were always some condition that had to be met. Such as certain words had to be used in the poem or short story. Usually about ten of them. Other times one subject was given to write about.

One member was chosen to have the top poem or story. That member in turn gave the next challenge or conditions that had to be met. Sometimes, it was a holiday theme based. Other times, it was geared towards writing a review.

Having those conditions and challenges opened my eyes to the possibility of writing about any subject out there, at any time given. Once you learn to write to your hearts content about anything and everything. It really is hard to stop. I have a lot to talk about to the world. I get it out through my writings.

Challenge : Write about what inspires you to write

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