Sunday, April 26, 2015

French Toast

I just love making and eating French toast. Making French toast is one of the easiest ways to use up bread that is starting to get hard. I have been doing this with all sorts of bread and it always turned out so yummy and easy to cut.

The last time I made French toast. I used sourdough bread. As it was hard on the outside. I sliced the sour dough bread up in slices. It was really easy to slice up. I got out several eggs, cracked them open and make them open to dip the bread in. I place a slice of the sourdough bread in the egg mixture. When I feel the egg mixture has soaked in good enough. I turn the slice of bread over. And soak the other side. I start placing the bread soaked in the egg mixture in a pan and fry it in a little oil. When the bread is done frying, I place it on a platter till all is done. I grab a couple of slices, lay them on a plate, and add a little sugar to them. All done. For the left over eggs mixture I scramble it up in to scrambled eggs. As part of the meal.

Sometimes my family will use powder sugar or syrup instead over the french toast. I have also added a mixture of cream cheese with fruit in between slices before as well. We also have this for dinner or lunch as well as breakfast.

There are many ways to make French toast.

What is your favorite way of making French toast?

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