Monday, April 6, 2015

Walk Around, What?

I am playing catch up on my monthly challenge. To learn more, read about it by clicking : HERE Today's topic is about the things we walk around to get where we are going. Do you have to walk around things in your own home? I do each day.

I have to walk around my English Mastiff when he lays on the floor. He is too big for me to walk over. I have forgotten a few times when he has laid at my feet. I get up only to fall on my face. Now, I look down to see which dog is laying at my feet.

I have to walk around the ottomon in my livingroom. It is big, round and always full of something. It seems to be a catch all. Like my computer desk. It does get routinely cleaned off each day. Espically when the grandbaby comes over. As he will grab anything on it.

Currently I have a tub of hotwheels and matchbox toy cars that I am walking around. As I picked up up last night when I was out with my mother. As someone threw them out in the trash. Can you believe someone would throw so many of them out at once?

I also have another tub full of misc. things I am walking around. As I am filling it up with different items and places it in the shed. As I am preparing to get things ready to hopefully move within the next month or so.

I can't forget the metal toolbox I picked up that someone threw out. That I am also walking around. Til it gets placed out in the shed. Those old toolboxes are worth money. It will be an easy sell if it is decided to do that. However, I think we will keep it for the time beginning and actually use it to store tools in the shed.

Challenge : Write about something you have to walk around

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