Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Boyfriend Pranked Me

Doesn't he look good in leather?
Today's writing challenge is April Fool's Day or pranks. I think both of these go hand in hand together. I can remember pulling pranks on my siblings growing up. Some went over well. Others got me chased out of the house.

I am all for pranks. Unless someone gets hurt out of it. Than I have issues as it is no longer fun and games to me. Remember when pulling a prank on someone of the consequences that could happen. Think before you act on them. Otherwise you can get hurt or someone else can.

He took sleeping with the dogs literally.
Example : My boyfriend walked up behind me when he came home one day. I had the music up sitting at the computer. I did not hear him come in. He came up to near my ear and spoke. I literally jumped out of my seat and went swinging with the keyboard. I did catch the rim of his hat before I realized it was him playing a prank on me. 

I could have seriously hurt my boyfriend if I did not realize it was him. He realized what could happen scaring me. He was prepared to take a hit if needed. He had a good laugh, while I tried to calm down. I can laugh about it now. However, I never listen to my music with the volume up that loud. Lesson learned.

Challenge : Write about April Fool's Day or pranks

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