Saturday, April 11, 2015

I can't believe my dog did that

Photos © belongs to rusty2rusty, that's me.

Rascal, my chihuahua mix,  loves to sit on my lap. If I am not in my chair, he loves to lounge in my computer chair. He has claimed it as his spot.

I have been finding all kinds of strange dog pictures on my computer. I even noticed a blog called Doggies going wild webpage left open on my computer screen.  I was wondering how those dog pictures got on my computer. Lmao.

Now I know when my back is turned, Rascal surfs the net.

Photo © belongs to rusty2rusty, that's me.

Moose, my Chug, has a special talent. He has learned how to tree a squirrel. He will chase a squirrel up a tree. Sit at the tree and bark, not allowing the squirrel to come down. Until he receives a treat for a job well done.

He has also figured out how to open the gate. Separating the kitchen from the livingroom. He will use his nose, stick it between the gate and slide it open. He is smart and can figure things out pretty quickly. I will say of all three of my dogs. Moose is probably the smartest one.  He does know the most tricks.

Does your pet have any special talents?

Challenge : Write about a pets special talent


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