Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daughter is a Self Cutter

My daughter is 14 years old. She has ADHD and ODD. She has learning disabilities. Her reading level recently improved to a 4th grade reading level. She is a self cutter.

She will use whatever she can to cut herself. It seems every few months. She starts cutting herself again.

This last time I was alerted by a teacher at her middle school. As I was awoken by the call. The teacher was concerned and had to pass along to me the news. She knows I have a tough time with my daughter in but I am not willing to give up on her.

My daughter latest excuse for cutting is because everyone pays more attention to her teen brothers grades, than hers. Pure jealousy. I told the teacher there is nothing I can do about the jealous. Her teen brother excels in school, where she does not.

She understood but wanted to make sure I am aware of what was going on and to make sure I was getting my daughter help. I told her my daughter sees a psychiatrist and which agency.

By law she had to report to me about my daughter. I explained to her that my daughter is using the sporks given at lunch time to cut herself. As well as other students in the school. That my daughter mention a  certain student who recently went to jail for cutting herself.

Sometimes I truly do not understand my daughter at all. Self cutting because her teen brother excels at school is one of them. I know she struggles.

One time I would like to celebrate or enjoy one of my teen son accomplishments without my daughters drama and all about her overshadowing every moment. He deserves to have a special moment too. However, I also know with special needs children it is really hard for the other children to receive the attention they deserve. I hope my teen son understands I am not trying to ignore him. I am proud of all three of my children.

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