Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bob Evan's Review

My boyfriend and I went out to dinner the other night. We decided on going to a place we had not ate at in a while, Bob Evans. As we wanted to go to a sit down restaurant.

If you have never visited a Bob Evans before. Please by all means click on the link above to see what all is offered on their menu. They have a variety that changes with the seasons.

While my boyfriend and I scanned the menu trying to decide what we wanted to eat. We discussed what has been going on with my daughter. She is self cutting again. I'll have to write about that on my "Rant and Opinion" blog and link it back here later. As that really isn't a subject I wish to broach in this post.

We also talked about my teen son who recently received a letter for a chance to travel to the White House to talk to the Security of Dense. As he was nominated for that position. The first one in his school since 2010. What an accomplishment!

We decided to order from the three course meal page on the menu. Where you get a soup or salad, biscuits, cornbread or a muffin, the main course and a dessert. Which is a sunday.

We both decided to get the soup. We both choose the broccoli and cheese soup. Oh how I love to eat broccoli cheese soup. Bob Evans does a great job making theirs. The biscuits, we both choose, we soft and warm. No need to add butter as we dipped our broccoli and cheese soup. As no crackers were provided. The biscuits worked out out great. I only ate one of mine. I took the other one home.

As we waited for the main course to come out. We ordered a side of breaded mushrooms. It came with a side of ranch dressing to dip in. The ranch dressing portion was way to much for the amount of breaded mushrooms that were given.

I liked the breaded mushrooms. As I always wait a few minutes after receiving them to eat them. My boyfriend dug right in and grab one, dipped it in ranch dressing and made a face. Yuck! He didn't like them. He said the mushrooms were to slimy. That there was too much room between the mushroom and the breading. He quickly washed it down with Sierra Mist. I reminded him that mushroom shrink when they are deep fried. That excess oil gets in the fried mushroom. That they must sit a bit for the oils to run out before taking a bite. That is why I always wait. he refused to eat anymore. I ended up taking most of them home as well.

Finally the main course arrived. My boyfriend got the broasted chicken breasts and mashed potatoes. One of his chicken breast was raw. He informed the waitress.

Who asked if he wanted another one or something else. he asked for another one. The second one came back cooked all the way through. However, my boyfriend did not eat it. We took it home. I think he filled up on to much broccoli and cheese soup or the raw chicken turned his stomach. So, far his experience wasn't so good. The waitress was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I left her a tip in cash on the table for her good services.

I ordered the breaded baked cod and a side of broccoli. As you can tell I received more broccoli than the piece of cod. Also the cod was not breaded or looked like the picture in the menu. Not sure what kind of fish I ended eating. However, I squeezed lemon juice over my fish and broccoli. I ate it all. It tasted good. The fish was thoroughly cooked.

For desserts we both ordered a sundae. I choose the caramel sundae. He chose the chocolate fudge sundae. The sundae's were really good. I could not eat all of mine. As I had filled out up dinner. I should have never ordered that side of breaded mushrooms. I felt stuffed. My boyfriend managed to eat all his sundae.

From a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the best rated. I chose to rate this outing a 3.

Reasoning :

My meal was good but looked different than what I thought it was suppose to be. The fish was not breaded properly.

Boyfriend broasted chicken breast was raw. Boyfriend had issued with the breaded mushrooms. He also would of ordered a salad over a soup. However the place doesn't carry French dressing.

For these reasons I must give the rating a "3". We will eat there again. However, it will be a minute before we do.

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