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Bringing Buster Home

The summer of 2013, I became the owner of a English Mastiff. I found him through a Facebook group that sells or gives animals away for free.

A lady left a comment on a post that someone was looking for a pup. She said she had three to get rid of. So, I message her. She asked if I wanted male or female. I said male. She said she had two of them and I could choose which one upon the meeting.

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The people met me at Wal-mart parking lot. I was under the impression the pup was 6 months old. When I seen him. I knew he was either younger, or smaller because of being underweight. When I seen him I about cried. He was so skinny. His ribs and hip bones were showing.

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The lady did tell me that Buster comes from an oops litter. She wanted to give them away to free homes. As she could not afford to feed them all. She said she did worm him, but no shots. When I met up with her she said she used horse wormer. Ugh!

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My boyfriend noticed a spot on Buster's head and asked what it was from. The lady said her son was cooking in the kitchen and hot grease spilled on his head. She thought his fur would grow back. That spot is still there. Whatever happened to him, left a scar.

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Today, I took him to the vets. The vet thinks he is around 4 months old. Judging by his teeth or lack there of. That Buster is under weight. Otherwise seems healthy. He was treated for fleas and placed on heart worm medication. He was also started on his shots. He also said Buster is lucky I took him as skinny as he is. The vet gave me some tips on how to get some more weight on Buster. The vet also said Buster's head will be fine. It doesn't seem to be serious, no infection. He might have a scar. We will have to wait and see. The Vet wanted to see him back for his next set of shots and to see how Buster is doing weight wise.

Buster has gained weight.
To be honest when I first seen Buster. I kinda freaked. I couldn't believe he was so skinny. Now these are my own personal opinions :

I think the woman did breed her dogs, maybe an oops litter, not sure. She knew they were not fixed and did not make sure the female did not get pregnant. Really, what did she think would happen once the female went in heat?

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I think she didn't know what she was getting herself into. I think she was looking at fast cash. Never realizing the cost of raising extra large pups and couldn't get rid of all the pups. As she quoted they were worth between $1600 - $1800 a piece. She just wanted to find good homes. So, she was giving away for free. I think she got in over her head and didn't realize what it entailed to have such large dogs. The cost of feeding them.

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As it was apparent these dogs were not being fed properly. She made sure she met people somewhere far from her home town. She never gave a phone number out. No way to get back at her. Now, I did give her name she uses on Facebook from the condition the pups were in when I seen them to the authorities. Now it is up to them to proceed any further.

Look at how big Buster has grew.
Look at Buster now. He is huge. He is still growing. His ribs are no longer showing. The only issue I have with him, is him trying to guard all the food and not allowing the others to eat. He will not do it when a human is present. He waits til it is only the dogs. I can place three bowls out. He will guard and eat them all. Unless, I make sure to stay within range to allow the other two to eat their fill. Or I make sure they are fed separately in their cages to prevent any issues.

See what a difference a responsible pet owner can do!

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