Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things To Be Thankful For March 1st, 2015


Someone challenged to write 5 things to be thankful and pick one to write about.

Here is my list of five things to be thankful for : 

1. Eyesight
2. My daughter did not have an episode today
3. Signed house papers
4. grocery shopping
5. Time

I choose to write about signed house papers. The other day I went in to sign the disclosure papers at the bank. I ended singing a huge stack of papers. 

The house I am applying to buy was built in 1931. It is a bungalow. It sits on less than one acre. It is in town but on the outskirts. Where I will have no close neighbors. It has the feel of the country being surrounded by open fields.

I plan on putting in a garden this summer and a chicken coop by next summer. I also plan on adding a 2nd bathroom door stairs and turn an unfinished room into another bedroom. Change the master bedroom in to a living area. This is all downstairs in the basement.

The bigger yard will be a benefit to my three dogs. One being an English Mastiff. My current home he is out growing. 

The home is off a main highway leading out of town. I will be able to host a garage sale and draw in more people who like to come to those. Hopefully, I can make some extra money that way.

I am excited and praying that God allows me to get this loan and buy this home.

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