Monday, February 2, 2015

The Whole Alphabet A - Z of Sandy

I was reading on another writing site I am a member of. I notice the ABC Challenges all in to one post. Yes, only one. I think it was cute. Now I am going to try my hand at it to.

Here are the ABC's of Sandy :

I am Anxious
I am Beautiful
Sometimes I Cry
I love my Dogs
I enjoy Eating
I am a Frog lover
I am now a Goat lover
I like to create Homemade meals
I love Ice cream.
I love Jam or Jelly
I middle name is Kay
I am a Lover
I like making Money
I like things Neat.
I stubbed my toe, Ouch!
I like to Pickle my eggs
I like to complete Quizzes
I miss being able to Run
I like walking on a Sandy beach
I want to Travel
I like to buy Used items
I always wanted to travel Vermont
I Walk with a limp
I like the music coming from a Xylophone
I crave Yum Yum sauce on rice
I think Zebras have neat patterns.

I did good. I didn't look up any of them. How much of these things did you already know about me?

Photo is of me. ©rusty2rusty

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