Monday, February 9, 2015

Superstition : Bird Flying in House

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When my son came home from school, he went out to the kitchen. He noticed the kitchen curtains moving. So, he open the curtains to see why it would be moving. The curtains were moving because of a bird.
A bird had flew in the house because the back door was open. I have no screen door.
I did notice a big spider web in the window. I had not noticed before. The bird is now out of th house. The spider web is no longer in the window.
I posted about a bird flying in the house and going behind the curtains on Facebook.
A friend reminded me about the old superstition about a bird flying in a house or window means.
If you believe in the superstition, you would believe it means the bird is bringing death or fore telling of a death of something to come.
The last time a bird flew in my mom's house. My sister died a week later back in 1997. Two days before her 18th birthday.
I do hope the bird flying in the house was a coincidence. I think it was hungry. Hoping, it turns out to be a silly superstitious. As I don't want anyone to die.
With Halloween coming soon. This incident today just makes it creepy to think what the meaning of a bird flying in my house could mean.
That's the second flying animal that came through my back door. The other one was a bat.
Do you believe in superstitions?
Photo © belongs to rusty2rusty The photo is of a sparrow that had fallen out of a tree trying to learn to fly. It is the same kind of bird that flew in my home tonight. A sparrow.

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