Monday, February 9, 2015

Xenoglossia and X-ray vision

There was that one day that stands out as odd, as I was wheeling a patient to the x-ray room.
It was rather strange as someone started playing the xylophone. What person would play something so nosy in a hospital? Really? We must have quiet, as it disturbs the patients.
I shook my head and brushed it off not giving it another thought.
I wheeled the patient into the x-ray room. As the hospital needed to get an an x-ray of the man's xiphoid.
The man seem to have the power of xenoglossia. Yeah, I was not familiar with the word either. Never heard of it til the day when I gave the man an x-ray. I thought he was talking mumbo jumbo like most patient's do when they are under medication. He also mentioned having x-ray vision. Crazy, right?
Later that day, I realize the man had no recollection of what he spoke. When I asked him about it later. He said he had never learned another language besides his native tongue English.
It baffles my mind. As I know what I heard. have you ever come across something weird like that in the hospital?
-The End.
Now the hardest letter of all to find Halloween theme words that begin with the letter "X". I had to turn to the dictionary :
(yes, I looked it up), xylophone, X-ray, x-ray vision, Xiphoid
Like I said, the list is not very long. How many Halloween theme words can you come up with that begins with the letter "X" ?
Photo found doing a search on Pixabay.

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