Monday, February 9, 2015

Let Us Talk Breakfast

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Today my boyfriend and I got. around 10 AM to take me to the store. As we had nothing in the house to drink but bottled water. I was my diet tea with no sugar added.
I noticed it was still breakfast time when we were done. Or so I thought. So, we headed to Mc Donald's. As I have been very good and have not ate out, not even ordering pizza in over a week's time. I thought I would treat the kids.
Come to find out we missed breakfast by mere seconds. It was lunch time at Mcdonald's.
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I ended ordering a triple cheeseburger meal for my teenage son. As it was only $5.00 for a meal. I got to love Mcdonald's for it's cheap meal deals.
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I ended up getting the chicken nugget meal deal. I gave my fries to the kids. I am trying to at least choose chicken or fish if I eat at a fast food joint. I did order a tea to go with my meal.
So, I ended up having a few chicken nuggets and tea for breakfast. What a weird combination for breakfast!.
I think I would preferred eating at home and having some eggs and toast instead. Served with coffee.
Challenge : Share a picture and write about breakfast.

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