Friday, February 6, 2015

Johnsonville Sausage Reply

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A couple days ago I was surfing the Johnsonville website. Their products are meatballs and sausages. I do enjoy their pork products.

However, since I have a member of my family with a pork allergic. I no longer buy their products. Unless I know that family member will not be around for dinner. I do not dare cook any of it on the grill for fear it may not cleaned properly causing the family member to get sick from the pork.

I sent them a message and asked if they would consider in the future to add a turkey sausage or a turkey meatball to their line of products and why.

This is the response I received :

I was really surprised at how fast the company replied. I do hope in the near future they will add a turkey sausage or turkey meatball to their line of products.

Contacting a company you like, is a good way to let the company know the public wants and needs. Not everyone can make their own food. Letting companies know what you want is a real big help in the marketplace.

Have you ever contacted a food company?

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