Monday, February 16, 2015

Foods I like from A - Z

I love doing the A-Z Challenges. Today, I have decided to write foods I like from A-Z. Plus why I like them. They could be my favorite. The food could be something I like. It could be something I tried but am undecided till I try again. I never write a food off the first time I try it. As it might need a change to be prepare to my liking.

Foods I like from A - Z :

A - Apples. They are my favorite fruit
B - Banana Split. I always ordered these as an extra treat when I feel I need to indulge.
C - Carmel Apples - I use to eat these every fall at local fairs. Without all my teeth. I buy apples, slice them up and dip in carmel. It is not the same.
D - Donuts. The perfect breakfast that can be made as fattening or as healthy as you like.
E - Eggs benedict. It is a breakfast I love but haven't found anyone who can make it in years.
F - French Fries. American made. I love these but tend to avoid them as they make my blood sugars rise.
G - Grapes. A fruit I love to eat. I hate the grape flavoring in products. It taste nothing like grapes.
H - Haystacks - A combination of food stacked among hashbrowns. Topped with lots of cheese. I have also made these as a dessert using Chinese fried noodles. Topped with butterscotch mixed with marshmallow.
I - Ice Cream. Vanilla is my favorite.
J - Jelly and jams. I love trying different ones of these on toasted bread.
K - Kale. I do like this type of lettuce. As long as it is cut up in smaller pieces.
L - Lasagna rolls. One my boyfriend's and I favorite meals.
M - Macaroni and Cheese. This side dish has been one of my favorite since I was a kid.
N - Nuts. I enjoy eating all types of nuts. However walnuts are my favorite.
O - Olives. I enjoy all sorts of olives. I can't believe some of the prices to buy these.
P - Pancakes. Always an enjoyable breakfast treat. Lately I have been making pancake strips with bacon.
Q - Quail. I love Quail meat. i have not had it in almost 20 years. Not since I was with my first husband.
R - Radishes. I enjoy rashies in salads. My daughter loves to eat them sliced.
S - Salmon. I really love eating smoked salmon.
T - Tuna Noodle casserole. This is one of my favorite dishes since I was a kid. My teenage has got my love for the dish as well.
U - Upside down pineapple cake. I enjoy making these in cupcake version to.
V - Veal. I love eating veal cutlets.
W - Waldorf salad. I learned how to make my version of this when I was working underneath a chef in a restaurant.
X - Xigua. Which is the Chinese name for watermelon. It is my favorite summertime treat besides ice cream.
Y - Yogurt. This is a delicious treat any time of the day.
Z - Zebra cakes. I don't mind these every once in awhile. My kids love them as a quick treat.

Well, that is my list from A-Z of foods that I like. Most of them are comfort foods I like. Is there any on the list that you like? Or would like to try?

Things to write about:
1. Food
2. Foods you like
3. A - Z foods
4. List of foods
5. Why you like certain foods


Photo was taken by and © belongs to +rusty2rusty .The photo is of a lasagna roll served in a Coca-cola bowl.

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