Monday, February 23, 2015

A Few Rules For Dressing Your Pet

I enjoy dressing my two smaller dogs. One is a chihuahua mix. The other is a Chihuahua pug mix. I mainly dress them in the winter time. As in the area I live gets really cold. To cold to have animals outside.

I do not dress my biggest dog. As nobody makes clothes for his size. I am not a good enough sewer. He is an English Mastiff. I could use one of my boyfriend old shorts. Not sure if they would fit. As he is a skinny man. Personally, I don't feel like fighting with an English Mastiff to put on some clothes to look cute. Would you?

Do you agree with dressing ones pet? Why or why not? I know people that sit on both sides of the fence on dressing their pets.


I do think if you decide to dress your pet. You need to follow a few rules :

1. Dress for the weather - make sure to remove warm clothing. Once the dog is inside.
2. Do not place anything on your pet that would stop them from exhibiting their regular behavior.
3. Don't add anything that can cause them to trip.
4. Don't add anything they will chew on. Like strings hanging down.
5. Don't place anything over the dogs ears or eyes to prevent them from hearing or seeing.
6. If using an item for display to take a picture. Keep a close eye on your dog. Make sure to remove the items when you are done.

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