Friday, January 9, 2015

Tuna Fish Sandwich

Tuna fish is something I always have cans of in my cupboard. It is a quick easy meal to fix and can be added to almost anything. 

Since, the weather is getting warmer in my area. I tend to make more sandwiches to eat. Tuna Fish is one of them. I love to add onions, tomato, and lettuce. I also like to add different spices to enhance the tuna fish flavor. 

Other times, I like to make a tuna melt by adding shredded swiss cheese and mix it in with the tuna fish. Place it between two pieces of bread and fry it. Like you would toast and cheese. Believe it or not. It is really yummy. As the cheese melts adding more flavor. 

The other day I was browsing through the local Wal-mart when I ran across the Flat Out Hungry Girl bread. It is a fold it flatbread. Where you only need to use one slice. Add your ingredients. Than fold over and you're ready to eat. It comes in three flavors : original, rosemary with olive olive and a whole wheat. On a scale to from 1 to 5. I give this bread a 4.

Why? Because the taste is excellent. It only has 1 to 2 g of fat depending on what kind you buy. It has no cholesterol. But the sodium content is high.

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