Friday, January 9, 2015

Stuffed Burgers

One day when I was watching commercials. I seen one where you could make nice size stuffed burgers. I don't recall what the item is called. However, it is red. On tv the people make it look easy. It also caught my eye enough time's that I had to buy one. However, I was not ordering it off tv. I usually wait til I can find these in my local Kroger's, Rite-Aid or Walgreens stores. I do this so I do not have to buy a second one or pay shipping and handling. I found one at Kroger's for $9.99. I grabbed it up. 

I know what my family was having for dinner. As soon as I got home and the kids seen it. We had to try it out. My 15 year old son was eager to try his hand at making stuffed burgers. I opt to have mine stuffed with onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese. My daughter had her's stuffed with mushroom and cheese. My son choose only cheese. He is not a fan of mushrooms or onions at all.

The device was pretty simple to use. I would suggest cleaning it between making burgers. As the burgers started to stick in the item by the third one. Also make sure you use a thin larger of burger. before adding the veggies or cheese. Otherwise you will not have room to add the top layer. As you can tell by the photo, nice size burgers are made. The burgers turned out great. Next time, I am going to try to use ground chicken or ground turkey instead.

Do you like to make stuffed burgers?

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