Thursday, January 1, 2015

Spelling Christmas

took up a challenge to where you choose a Christmas word to describe Christmas and to spell out the word Christmas.
 C - Cookie : Many delicious cookies are made and eaten during the holiday seasons.
H - Hug : People tend to hug more often during the holiday season.
R - Red : My favorite color. The color of Santa suit and the Rudolph's nose.
I - Icicle : I pray for a white Christmas with icicles hanging from the rooftops.
S - Scrooge : I feel like being a scrooge to my awful acting kids.
T - Tradition : I have many Christmas traditions.
M - Mince Pie : Does anyone make mince pies anymore for Christmas? I haven't had one since before my grandmothers passed away.
A - Astounded : I am in astounded how others can be so hateful towards those who are needy this time of year.
S - Scam : People standing asking for cash for help are scamming others in my area. The same people with nice cars only come out around the holidays. Even using their kids to scam others out of their hard earned money.
Photo found on Pixabay through a search for Christmas.

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