Thursday, January 1, 2015

Candy Canes

The first candy cane I ever had was flavored peppermint. I remember peppermint being the only flavor as I was growing up.
I was able to get these when I was spending time at my mother's. Not at my dad and stepmothers, as my dad is allergic to peppermint. Anything mint was not allowed in the house because an allergic reaction could occur.
I learnt if I recieved anything mint in school. To eat it there or give it away. I would first try to trade another child for something chocolate. As I favored chocolate for candy. Many times I would wind up with an orange as a trade. As kids did not want to give up their chocolate so easily.
As I grew older, the candy cane makers started coming up with new and different flavors. I loved trying the new flavors. 

Til this day when a new flavor comes out of candy canes I must try them.
Challenge : Share a photo and write about candy canes.
Photo from while doinga search for "Candy Canes".

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