Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Golden Corral Review

I found a Golden Corral to stop at one my vacation. Believe it or not, the thought of eating here really delighted me. As the Golden Corrals usually have awesome salad bars. I needed to get back to eating healthier again.
For those that don't know, It is a place to go to eat to get what you want from a salad bar style set up as much as you want for a certain price. Hot and cold foods.
This one salad bar wasn't as good as the ones I am use to up north. The ones I go to up north offer many more salad ingredients. However, their crab salad was delicious. Something not served up north. So, I can't complain to much. I did enjoy all the food that I had tried out.
This Golden Corral is another that gets a 5. Ranging from 1 to 5. As 5 being the best rating.
Now I have rated a Golden Corral in Toledo, Ohio a 2. As they have to have security guards on site. The food wasn't that good. Plus, my boyfriend got sick. As one dish had pork in it that my boyfriend had not realize til after he ate it. He got the greenbean casserole. It had ham in it. I have never seen it cooked that way before. He thought it would be safe to eat. he was wrong.

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