Monday, October 27, 2014

Rabbit Ritual

A rancid tale to repel any romance reader. Followed by a list of Halloween theme "R" words.

Here's the story :

The repulsive rattlesnake, rambunctious rat, rotten raccoon, and raspy ravens and raptors gathered around the remains of the ruins to complete the ritual.
The ritual tools needed was a rake and a rope.
The rabbit was used as a sacrifice in the ritual. Rabbits bred and grow their families quickly. The rabbits sacrifice will ensure fertility among the animals.
As the ritual concluded with riddle and a rhythm. The rain poured.
The roaches raised a ruckus as the rain came rushing in. They left a rut in the mud as they scurried for cover.
As soon as the rain began, it stopped as the red sun made its way it to the sky again. -The End.
So may wonderful Halloween them words that start with the letter "R" :
Rob, robe, robber, royal, rope, RIP, robot, rake, repulsive, rap, rasp, rattle, rattlesnake, recluse, rotten, rot, rascal, raptor, remains, repel, roaches, ruckus, runt, rat, raven, ritual, ruins, raccoon, rag, raggedy, rug, ring, rabbit, riddle, right, rhinoceros, red, rabies, rose, rhythm, rain, rush,
rich Can you create a story, poem or phrase using as many Halloween theme 'R' words as you can think of?

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