Thursday, September 28, 2017

Spiders Are Taking Over My House

I can tell when Fall is here and the cooler weather. As the spiders start coming in the house. Not just any kind of spider, but all kinds of spiders that live in my area.

There are 39 spiders typically found in Ohio. Thankfully out of 39, only two pose the most danger. Which as the recluse and Black widow spiders. If you find more than one in your home. I suggest calling an exterminator to get rid of them.

This big nasty is a wolf spider. If I see one I call out for my son or nephew. As one looks big enough it could carry away my shoe. I commonly see these run across the yard in the grass. A few have got me to jump backward and fall on my bum from attending my flower garden.

I am not sure where this spider came from. Since it looks it has a cross on its back. I will do my best to avoid it. Anyone have a clue what this spider is or where it is normally found at?

This bad boy is a marbled orb weaver spider. This spider is normally found in trees, bushes, and plants. either way, it is one too many spiders for my liking. I don't kill spiders. My son's will. My son sometimes will carry them outside depending on what kind of spider it is. I tend to leave them alone.

If you see this nasty little fellow, I suggest staying away from it. I was bitten by a baby while living in Florida on the top of my left hand. I ended up in the ER because from my fingertips to my shoulder felt like they were on fire with unbearable pain. I had to get a shot. Which took three days to kick in. It is called a spiny orb weaver. These spiders are not supposed to be poisonous, except I did have a reaction to them. Just be careful you don't encounter one and have a reaction as well. I can tell you it is not pretty at all.
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  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to the orb weaver spider bite, oh my! I do not like any spiders and have no issue killing them if I find them in the house. As fast as I sweep spider webs away on my front porch they are back!

  2. I believe that the spider with the white marks is the Garden Cross Spider or Araneus diadematus; very common in gardens all over the place. It is harmless, but can get quite large. Its a type of orb spider.

  3. I have encountered many of these. Most recently I killed a black widow outside that was getting a bit too close to my front door. It was up in a corner on the porch roof. It had to go since I don't want it getting over the door and threatening to drop down on us some night. It's still black widow breeding season, and this one was fat and about ready to make a ball of eggs.

  4. I had a tenant complaining about spiders, I wonder if she knows its fall and they are coming inside?

  5. We get some pretty big (by UK standards) in our house at this time of year. Every time I hear a scream from upstairs I know my wife has found another one!


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