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Monday, February 6, 2017

30 Romantic Gestures

With Valentine’s day coming up in a few weeks. I thought I would write about romantic gestures. Romantic gestures are ways for you to get close or feel connected to your significant other.

Some people don’t have a romantic bone in their body and need to be pushed to do anything romantic for their significant other. One thing I noticed if romance dies, many relationships suffer. As the significant partners tend to take each other for granted and expect certain things. Instead of doing the little things for each other because you want to make them smile or see them happy. Not have to do. Thus, causing some significant others to feel unloved. Where they start looking for it in other places.

Romantic gestures do not have to be expensive. Nor do they have to be out in the open for everyone to see.

Here is a list of romantic gestures that you can do all year long to keep the romance alive in your relationship 

Taking a shower together
Being intimate in the shower
Being intimate on a beach or in a pool
Giving flowers or a stuffed animal for no reason
Rose petals on the bed
Rose petals trail leading to a surprise
Kissing in the rain
Taking a walk in the rain
Lit candles all over a room
Loudly playing romantic music outside someone’s window or door
Public serenade
Doing small gestures every day – deliver a single flower, handwritten love note, a favorite plant, tickets to see a movie or musical, etc.
Wearing nothing but a long coat
Tossing everything off table to make love
Picnic in the park
Placing an engagement in food or a drink
Making a mix CD of romantic songs
Taking a bubble bath together
Cuddling all night long
Falling asleep in your significant arms
Having a surprise dinner with candles
Cooking together
Surprise significant other with chocolate or their favorite candy
Serve breakfast in bed
Perform a dance for your partner
Sing to your partner
Play an instrument for your partner
Foot or back rub
Taking selfies together
Going to see a romantic comedy or love story

There are many more things you can do that could be considered a romantic gesture. Such as doing something your significant partner wants to do that you don’t want to do. Yet you do it because you know it is important to them. Even if it isn’t to you.

Something as simple as a late night drive down country roads. Or visiting the local animal shelter because your significant is an animal lover. Walking a few of the dogs. Knowing you can’t take another one in. You help give those dogs you walk some love. As well as please your significant other.

What are some other things you would consider a romantic gesture?

Challenge - Write about romantic gestures.

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