Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Spelling Out Christmas

Here is another post to add to my collection of '31 Days Of Blogmas'. I decided to take a different twist with my post and spell out Christmas. The rules are simple. You spell out Christmas. With each letter you write something that represents Christmas to you. When you think of the letter C and Christmas together, what word comes to mind. Elaborate on it. 

C : Christmas - It is my favorite holiday season. As I want to believe Christmas has magic. As people tend to be the most generous and giving this time of year. They place their difference aside and actually help each other. 

H : Horses - I think of horses pulling a sleigh down snowy roads. Families bundled up going to grandma's house.

R :  Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer - He is my favorite Christmas story. As it shows someone who has been bullied and made fun of all of his life can succeed in life. It inspired me as a child, as I was bullied by my peers.

I : Ice Skating - Christmas reminds of time when my siblings and I recived ice skates for Christmas. We would skate on the pond in our ice skates til we out grew them. I look back on that time with fond memories.

S : Sweet Potatoes - Whether they are called yams or sweet potatoes, they are a holiday favorite at Christmas time. I prefer to eat them over white potatoes. As I long for Christmas to be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods.

T : Tree - Christmas trees are a a traditional tree put up and decorated for the Christmas holidays. Some are fake, some are real. Fir, pine and spruce trees are normally chosen for real live Christmas trees. I never had the opportunity to have a real tree as a Christmas tree. I remember a friend as I was growing up had one. They had to water it all the time. I remember one time the family either forgot to water it or just didn't do it. As the tree died before Christmas morning. As I was looking at their dead Christmas tree, I decided it was too much work to have a live Christmas and never had a desire to get one. 

M : Miracle - I believe I hear about more miracles during Christmas time. I do wish people would keep creating miracles throughout the year for others. Not only on Christmas time. I have never experienced a Christmas miracle. Yet, I still choose to believe they are real. 

A : Acceptance - During the Christmas holiday there is more acceptance. I do believe people will accept others in to their homes more than any other time of year for those who are are alone or feel lonely. 

S : Snow - I grew up with having a snowy white Christmas. I find it depressing when I wake up and don't get to see it. I don't know why but a snowy white Christmas brings me great joy. 


  1. This was beautiful1 Christmas is my favorite holiday too. I blog with blogspot too.

  2. I get depressed when it has snowed on Christmas!


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