Friday, December 30, 2016

January Writing Challenges

Each month I write up a month's worth of writing ideas. prompts and challenges. I do this in order to help other writers or bloggers who are having writer's block to come up with something to write about.  I do it as it gives me a monthly goal to write about something different and unique every day. 

If you take one of my ideas, I ask you to share this post that way others can find them too.

January Writing Challenges

1. Happy New Year's
2. What is your New Year's resolution?
3. What are your goals for the year?
4. Creative story - 'If I was a snowflake'. Write what life would be like if you were a snowflake.
5. What do you do on a cold day or a day you are snowed in?
6. You look outside your window to see a snowman moving around your yard, finish the story.
7. Write a poem about snow.
8. Sharing a recipe or DIY project using snow.
9. Go on an expedition to the North Pole. Share your experience.
10.  What are the pros and cons of winter?
11. Ten things you can do in the snow.
12. Ways you avoid the snow
13. Imagine having a penguin as a pet. Would it be an inside pet or an outside pet? What would be the day in the life of your pet penguin?
14. Write a story about the abominable snowman.
14. Write a story about polar bears.
15. National soup month - Share a soup recipe or story.
16. Friendly Friday - Write about an app, website or product that is helpful in your life.
17. Ice skating
18. Write about a memory you have of a baby. 
19. Motivation Monday - List what you plan to write about for the week. Plus, give highlights for what you wrote about last week.
20. Snowflakes are unique. Write about how your family is unique. 
21. How to save _____?
22. Snowball fight
23. National Writing Day - Share your handwriting.
24. Opposite day - share a story where things are the opposite of what they are now.
25. Things to do or build in the snow. 
26. Sledding - Share a memory.
27. Write about a blizzard.
28. Fire or fireplace
29. Icecicle, ice or snow photos, and descriptions.
30. Hot chocolate 
31. Enchanted snow fairy

Have fun writing!! 
Do you have writing ideas for January?

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  1. This might be fun. I might try to pick up a few.
    Coffee is on

  2. I've about given up onl Writing Challenges, since they keep me from using my own ideas that don't fit. They make nice writing prompts when you can't come up with an idea.

  3. Great prompts. My critique partners and I may use a couple of them at our meetings. Sometimes we have time to spare after critiquing each other and we do writing prompts. These will be help us have a more varied choice.

  4. Good ideas Sandy. I might use some of them. I will tell you when I have. Thanks.


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