Thursday, October 20, 2016

11 Trick Or Treating Safety Tips For Your Pets

Many people enjoy taking their dogs trick or treating with them. Other will have their dogs with them as they pass out trick or treat candy. I have compiled safety tips that will help keep your dogs safe while trick or treating or handing out candy to trick or treaters. 

1. Keep Candy Out Of Pets Reach
Trick or treat candy is never for your pets. As chocolate can make your pet deathly ill or kill them. If you are taking your dog with you trick or treating. Bring along a couple of your dogs treat to give him or her. if handing out candy, make sure you put in a place your dogs can't reach it.

2. Halloween Plants
Make sure to keep pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks away from your pets. Teach them they are not a toy to be entertained with. As big chunks can break off and be swallowed. These can cause a blockage which needs treated by a vet.

3. Black Cats
Bring your black cats in at least a week before trick or treating or Halloween in your area. As black cats are the most abused animals during this time of year. Either by pranks or peopel practicing in the occult or other dark rituals. Black cats are believed to be the pet of witch's. Which will cause people to harm them.


4. Keep Pets Out Of The Yard
Do not allow your pets to roam free during trick or treating or on Halloween night.  You never know if something will cause your pet to run off, be harasses and teased or worse stolen. Keep them in doors or caged up.


5. Keep Pets Away From The Door
Strange costumes can scare a dog when yelling out for candy. The dog could get defensive and defend its home. Never knowing what trick or treat is all about. Place your dog in another room or in a cage.


6. No Lit Candles
Lighting candles in pumpkins is an old tradition. Never have  a lit candle where you pet can get to it. A pet can easily knock them over in play or walking around. One year a lady lost her house due to her cat knocking a lit candle over during trick or treating. Accidents happen but they can be prevented. Use glow lights, solar lights or flame less candles that take a battery. 


 Dressing Pets In Costume 
Make sure your pet will be comfortable wearing a costume. Try the costume a couple days before. That way your pet can get use to wearing one.

8. ID's Please
Make sure your pet's Id's are attached to their collar or harness. That way if they get loose or out of the house, they can be returned to you.


9. Walk On A Leash
If you take your dog trick or treating, make sure you walk them on a leash. Being a leash prevents them from running off and getting lost. If you sit out side to hand out treats. Make sure your dog is on a leash. As something could easily distract them and cause them to dart off in to the night.

10. Pet Friendly
If your pet is not pet friendly (meaning gets along with all animals) keep them home. If you are handing out candy, make sure they are in another room or a cage. Otherwise you are asking for trouble.

11. Bring Along Poo Bags
Make sure you bring along poo bags to clean up after your pets. Nobody wants to step in poo while they are looking to get candy on trick or treat or Halloween night.

Do you have anymore safety tips for pets on Halloween or trick or treat night?

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