Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quality Connections - Are They important To Bloggers?

I want to discuss if having quality connections are important to bloggers or not. As I believe they are important if you want to have a successful blog. Some people can handle one or two blogs before they get overwhelmed. While you have other bloggers who can run several blogs successfully. I think having quality connections are very important for bloggers to have. No matter how blogs a blogger has.

I tested a few ways to do run a blog. One way was where I didn't click on the commenters to see what they were writing on their blogs. That hurt me. As it looked like I wanted to write a blog but didn't want to put the work in. It looked like I was keeping an online diary for my thoughts. Not to make connections or grow my blog. Afterwhile people stopped coming to my blog.

Another way, I wrote a blog post and read other blogs but didn't promote my blog at all. That was a big mistake. Why? How are others going to find my blog if I did not share it over social media? The answer is, they weren't. I had to push my blogs in order to get people to come view or leave a comment.

I would visit blogs but forget to leave my blog link. As some blogs give you the option to leave your blog link. So, they can come read your blog to. To remedy this, I made a little note I keep on my computer of all my blogs links. I also keep one for my referral links, social media links and how many connections I have on each. That way if I need the information it is at my fingertips.

Another thing I do is find bloggers who are wanting the same thing, help and support in blogging. I run a small Facebook group where members can leave any writing or blog links each day. Only thing required is to promote another blogger link for each link you leave. You can choose which social media you wish to promote on. You choose who you wish to promote. That simply means if you leave three blog links, you must promote three links of someone else's in the group. The group has a versatile group of bloggers writing on many different subjects. many will leave a comment when visiting. Yet a comment is not required. 

This helps tremulously to get the word out about our writings and blogs. It is writers and bloggers coming together to help each other.

If you connect with someone who is willing to read your blog, comment and share on social media. You have a quality connection. Your blog will start to grow.

Have you made any of these mistakes in blogging? If so, how did you remedy the situation?
How do you go about getting quality connections?

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