Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is This A Genie’s Lamp?

I was walking along the canal trail with a couple of friends. As we were talking, joking, having a good time. I stopped when I noticed something half sticking out of the dirt, along the water. With leaves all around.
I grabbed a hold and pulled it from the ground. It has dirt, mud and leaves all over it. It was some type of metal. My friends noticed I stopped and turned around to see what I was doing. Jaycee noticed I had something in my hand. This drew her curiosity as she walked closer to investigate.
Jason is annoyed, when he noticed I had stopped. First thing he said was,”Stop playing in the mud. Your always picking up some kind of junk.”
I ignored his comment as I used my sleeve to help clear off the debris on the thing I picked up. I knew it was a piece of metal. Maybe an old lamp or something. I’ll see if it works. If not, I will add it to my scrap pile. Either way it is a win for me.
Jaycee being her comical self had to say it. She said,”Maybe you found a Genie’s lamp.” This made us all laugh.
It got me thinking what if it was a Genie’s lamp. As I continued cleaning the piece of metal off. Once I cleaned it off I held it up into the sun to get a better look.
It did indeed look like an old lamp. I used my sleeve to help polish the lamp. As it looked dull. As I was polishing the lamp. Smoke or something starting coming out of the tip of the lamp. I dropped it on the ground. As we all stood froze in our spot.
The smoke forms into half a man. the bottom half still in smoke form. The figure announces,”Thank you for releasing me from my prison. My name is Frances. Trapped in that lamp for over 100 years, for releasing me I will do a favor. I will grant three wishes to the one who released me. Make sure you choose wisely. As this is not a game.”
I asked,”Are there any rules in choosing.” Frances replied,”Yes, you can not ask for anything or anyone to be harmed. As those wishes would can turn on you. When you gain something, someone loses something. That is all I am allowed to say. Be careful or you can wind up as the Genie in the lamp.”
What do you think the three wishes are? Be aware of the rules. Or you might be the next Genie in the lamp.

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