Thursday, September 22, 2016

Celebrating At The Columbus Zoo


August of 2015. on a Saturday was my daughters birthday. She celebrated "15" years. For her birthday, she was allowed to select a destination with a couple of hours where we live to go and visit. She loves animals. So, she choose the Columbus Zoo.


We seen many different animals. I have no idea which ones were my favorite. Seagulls were the first ones in the parking lot. Lol. I can honestly say it was a big zoo. Animals were spread out nicely. We seen almost everything. If I would go visit again. I would suggest staying in the surrounding area and making a two day experience out of it. That you will not feel like you are being rushed to see all the exhibits or shows.

There were strollers and scooters you could rent for those who need them. I wish I would of rented a scooter. As my legs were killing me by time we left. It has been two days and leg still hurts. I know I over did it. It was well worth the extra pain and discomfort to see a smile on my daughter's face. I would gladly do it again.


For those who don't know, I have issues walking. As I was shot in the right calf many moons years ago. I did pick up a new walking stick that helped me not to fall. As it helps keep me stable when walking. I should of brought mine from home. However, this way I was able to get a new one to add to my collection. Now I need to find where I stashed my extra pegs. So, I can add it to the bottom few my new walking cane. As I keep a few different sizes in my closet.


One of the ways we stayed cool throughout our walk was eating ice cream "Dipping dots".

We had much fun visiting the exhibits, seeing shows, and interacting with the different displays.

Have you been to the Columbus Zoo? If not, what zoo have you been to? What is your favorite animal?

Photos taken by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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