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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Raspberry Trifle Recipe

Over the weekend my family was able to host a backyard BBQ for some friends and family. I enjoy hosting BBQ's or get together with family and friends. It is nice when everyone can get together in one place.
I wasn't able to get pictures of anything. Except the burgers and dessert. Which was the Raspberry Trifle.

Food At The BBQ
Hamburgers with turkey bacon
Veal steaks
Hot dogs
A variety of chips
Macaroni salad
Poppy seed salad
Raspberry Trifle

I decided to make a Raspberry Trifle, as it contains three ingredients. That are quick and easy to prepare.

Trifles are an English cuisine. Trifles have been around the 16th century. There are many varieties of how a Trifle is made. As the recipe has changed over the years. One can make it will alcohol or leave it out. I left it out. I do not add alcohol to my desserts. 

I made a and easy layered Raspberry Trifle. It went over well with all of my guests. As I used no sugar in my ingredients. Which made it good for all my guests. As a few has type 2 diabetis. 

Raspberry Trifle
4 containers of Raspberries
4 small boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding
1 sugar free angel food cake

I took the angel food cake and tore it up in small pieces as I placed them in the bottom of the glass casserole dish. I prepared the no sugar vanilla boxes. I placed a layer over the broken up angel food cake. I topped with raspberries. Repeat till your casserole dish is full. Place in refrigerator til ready to serve to guests. 

I did not top with whip cream. As my boyfriend is allergic to an ingredient it is made with. Whip cream would make a great topping.

**Note : You can make a smaller amount of this. I made enough to fill my casserole dish which would feed at least twenty people. You can place this recipe in individual glass dishes for more eye appeal. I did not have that many glass dishes. I opted to place everything in a deep casserole dish.

**Tip : You can make this same dish in a variety of ways.
Such as angel food cake, chocolate pudding topped with cherry pie filling. The possibilities are endless.


 Photos taken by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.