Sunday, August 14, 2016

Buried In The Wrong Grave

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On Sept 17, 2015 my family found some closure. The problem started back in December 2014 when my Uncle died. 

In NW Ohio where I live it was winter time. Wet, cold, and snow-covered everywhere. We held his funeral. Family told each other come spring we would go out to his grave. Some went in the winter. With snow covering the ground, metal marker with my Uncle name was not noticed missing yet.

Come spring time, family made it to the graveyard. Only problem was, my Uncle was not buried in the family plot. This did not sit well with the family.

We had to get a hold of the graveyard and funeral home to get to the bottom of the mess. The family needed to know where Uncle Robert was buried. The graveyard said it wasn't their fault. So, did the funeral home. An investigation was started. It was found out Uncle Robert was buried across the road in another plot. Mom found it, not anyone else.

Can you imagine burying your family and not knowing where they were laid to rest. Scanning the graveyard one day by chance to come across his plot. Only by noticing the small metal stake that said his name. It seemed like no-one was really doing anything about it. Now imagine how my mother felt when she found her brother buried in someone else's plot.

After talking to the graveyard and funeral home some more. It was found out the funeral home gave the wrong plot number on where to bury my Uncle. Why? My family may never know.

The graveyard buried my Uncle in the proper family plot. Right beside my younger sister. If you think this was taken care of, your mistaken. As the plot thickens. 

His metal stake that says his name is missing. The graveyard doesn't have it. Even though my Uncle was buried. There is nothing to mark where. No gravestone. As we can not afford to buy one. No metal marker. Nothing. Mom and I know. As we were there to witness his burial.

From discussing things with the guy from the graveyard. We need to get a hold of my Aunt. As she has the burial papers. That explains in detail of the purchase of my Uncle burial. There is more to this story.

However, I am going to keep the rest of the details mum. As depending on what those papers say, there could be a pending lawsuit. There are too many unanswered questions that need to be answered. I want to prevent this from happening to any other family.
All events of this story are true.

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